Build a bespoke offshore team of trained tax and accounting professionals

Optimal utilization of resources underpins the success of every business organization. Therefore, when you outsource your functions, you not only free up your staff to focus on more strategic areas of your business but also drive your firm’s growth and value by expanding your operations and increasing your client base.

Small and medium-sized tax and accounting firms are often bogged down by the high volume of transactional work they need to manage and deliver for their business clients. This is particularly stressful during tax season when multiple clients lay claim on their time and in-house resources. Hiring and maintaining a staff of qualified accounting professionals, dealing with increasing infrastructure overheads, ensuring quality and compliance, and keeping up with a constantly changing regulatory environment are some of the challenges that prevent accounting practices from scaling up to desired growth and profitability goals.

However, by delegating your accounting, bookkeeping and tax processes to a trained and professional bespoke offshore team, you can eliminate stress from your workflow while you focus on more specialized advisory and consultancy work that will monetize your time and add value to your firm.

With MNCO Team Builder, you can create a bespoke accounting team that functions as an offshore back office for your firm, uses customized processes, works under your direction and reports to you. Choose an engagement model that fits your requirements and have the flexibility to scale up or down based on seasonal workload. Meet your clients’ obligations on time with the assurance of accuracy and compliance.

Create your own ‘back office’ with a bespoke offshore team of right-fit accounting professionals and eliminate stress from your workflow.

Advantages of having your own bespoke offshore accounting team:

  • Accomplish the complete range of accounting, bookkeeping and tax processes without leaning on expensive in-house resources
  • Eliminate hiring and staffing problems; address skills-gap in complex tasks
  • Get a dedicated team of professionally qualified accountants at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team of fulltime employees
  • No additional costs – no salary, health, insurance or retirement benefits required for a fulltime employee, or related infrastructure overheads
  • No need to invest in in-house training for upskilling or updating compliance knowledge
  • Access to advanced technologies and tools
  • Expertise in a broad range of accounting software
  • Simple, quick and seamless onboarding process involving needs assessment, skills matching and staff selection
  • At least 50% savings on your onshore operational costs
  • Assurance of quality, accuracy and compliance
  • Automated, streamlined processes helping you scale your operations
  • Assign your in-house staff to high value core functions; client interface and nurturing client relationships
  • Make your firm more agile to leverage new market opportunities and add value

MNCO Team Builder is specifically designed for all entrepreneurial accounting firms, CPAs and EAs who can create a captive back office staffed by skilled accountants who are well-versed in the US accounting and tax practices, regulatory environment as well as a broad range of accounting and tax software applications. No matter what industry your client operates in, our cross-industry deep domain expertise will ensure we are up-to-date with the latest regulations that impact their business, helping them stay compliant and ahead.

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