Bookkeeping for a new service line

Bookkeeping for a new service line

Editorial Desk | 29 November, 2021

Our client is a leading firm of chartered accountants, auditors, tax advisers and all-round business specialists with customers across the UK and around the world. Focused on servicing multiple industrial sectors, the client sought to increase their portfolio of services, and hence, bought out a smaller firm that had a niche business.


The client wanted uncompromising quality for their deliverables from the new line of business. It was not cost-effective to build up a team and train them for this line of business. The client could only assign a manager and an admin coordinator to run the bought-out business. A senior partner of the firm deliberated on a possible solution from MNCO to address the challenges surrounding their requirements for qualified and experienced staff capacity.


MNCO understood the client’s challenges, and provided insights for creating a sustainable solution for the newly acquired business. While reinforcing the client bandwidth and capabilities, we also drew up standard operating procedures for the workflow between the client firm and MNCO. This resulted in the client firm’s manager and admin staff spending very little time on allocating projects and reviewing their completion.


Our client invested less time and efforts on the newly acquired business. The seamless processing of the transactions and reconciliations by MNCO, quick turnaround and high-quality reports aligned with the firm’s value proposition.

MNCO continues to be the trusted partner of this firm and acts as a reliable extended team taking on regular and challenging tasks for the client firm.